Hot Tub Ownership 101: How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is a wonderful complement to any home and we are often asked about the potential maintenance cost and time investment involved in maintaining a hot tub.  Understanding the ownership costs upfront is important, below we’ll dive into what you can expect.

There have been many technological advances in Hot Tub manufacturing in recent years.  These developments have decreased both the cost and effort to maintain optimal spa conditions. In 2018 Arctic Spas® introduced both FreeHeat™ and Spa Boy® technologies, both greatly reduce your monthly energy costs and make maintaining optimal spa conditions simple.


Standard in all Arctic Spas® FreeHeat™ hot tubs, is a technology, where the ambient heat generated by interior pumps and motors is used to keep the water temperature at optimum levels.


THE NEXT-GENERATION SPA MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY.  Arctic Spas® exclusive Spa Boy® technology allows hot tub owners, with little or no effort, to seamlessly streamline their spa’s maintenance activity. Using medical grade sensing technology Spa Boy® fully automates spa maintenance technology. Along with the time-saving aspects of Spa Boy®, owners also save money on less chemical and maintenance supply purchases.


Crucial to reducing heating expenses is the ability to capture and contain rising heat from your hot tub.  By recapturing the within your hot tub constant heat and pump operation is eliminated.


Enjoy cleaner water and spend less time cleaning and maintaining sterility by using Arctic Spas® Pure Chemicals.


Clean water is an important part of reducing maintenance and operating costs. The need to purchase expensive chemicals and harsh cleaning agents is not necessary with superior filtration systems.


Poorly built  spas, prove that they are unable to operate in inclement weather and the expense to keep them properly heated quickly offsets any perceived benefit gained by purchasing a less expensive spa. Hot Tubs designed to withstand the most severe climate on the planet, provide year after year of dependable, enjoyable use. Arctic Spas® ultra-rugged construction allows associated components (pumps, motors, etc.) to perform at their full capacity.

So How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub? 

Arctic Spas® provides customers a comprehensive low-cost means for running a hot tub year-round – expect total costs at about $1 per day.  There are several hot tub models that we invite you to look into.

Arctic Spas® wanted to know the impact sturdy design and smart heat-retention had on hot tub maintenance costs.  So, we performed an extensive study in Colorado during early January:

“A foam-filled spa set to “economy mode” was compared against an Arctic Spas®  hot tub running at “normal mode.” This study utilized a standard 8-hour filter cycle operation. The Arctic Spas® hot tub showed a daily operating cost of less than 60 cents, while the foam-filled spa was over 75 cents per day. The study’s average outside temperature was 7⁰ F and showed that Arctic Spas®  hot tubs are more than 25% more efficient than typical foam-filled hot tubs. What’s more, the Arctic Spas® hot tub had a 450-gallon capacity, while the foam-filled tub was only 400 gallons; even with more water to heat, Arctic Spas®  still came out on top!”

These are the tips that you need to get to know when you consider the cost to maintain a hot tub.  If you’d like to buy the best spa you can get your hands on, don’t hesitate to look into Arctic Spas®. We would be happy to assist you with anything that you need.   Take time out to contact us via the web, or pick up the phone and dial (800)309-1744 for more info.